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Ultraflex Power

Ultraflex Power - EasyCast J is one widely demanded model that can cast all precious and non-precious metals. With automatic frequency setting, this system is based on highly efficient technology and consumes low energy. Induction heating generator enables quick melting. It features reliable modular system, sends error and status messages for quick service and remote diagnostics. The two crucible capacities are 140g Pt (50g min) and 150g Au,80g Ag, The Ultraflex Power - SuperCast J is based on a patented RCS (Rotating Coil System) to provide casting and no death time because of coil lifting. It can cast both, precious and non-precious metals and alloys. This simple to install and operate system has high melting efficiency and speed, and crucible capacity of 200g Pt, 170 Au, 80g Ti. Ultraflex Power - CS Digital used for casting precious and non-precious metals and alloys has a new heavy duty melting generator and crucible capacity of 350g Pt, 290 Au To 1.0kg Pt, 1.3 kg Au.


Product Image (Super Cast J)

Jewelry Casting Machine

Centrifugal Jewelry Casting Machine

Product Image (CS Digital)

Digital Jewelry Casting Machine

  • Delivery Time:1-3 Week
  • Supply Ability:2piece Per Day
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Jewelry Casting Machine

  • Delivery Time:3-30 Days